The Question & Quote Newsletter

The quality of our questions plays a huge role in determining the quality of our lives.

Asking better questions leads to better results.

Twice monthly I publish the Question & Quote Newsletter –  a short email containing 1 question and 1 quote, designed to help you find clarity, shift your perspective, and live a more creative, intentional and meaningful life.

Some example questions:

1.) If you couldn’t fail, what would you aim to do in your working life? 

Very often our fear of failure prevents us from going after what we really want, so we play it small and live a life that others are expecting of us. The power of this question is that it can get you to temporarily suspend this fear, and explore other possibilities.

2.) What habits, if you developed, would most likely take you towards your desired future? 

This question brings awareness to the reality that the future we experience, is ultimately going to be shaped by our daily habits. Therefore, consciously identifying the habits that are most likely going to lead to the future you want, is the first step in making it a reality.  

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