The Power of Living Your Life in Decades

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure about my working life recently.

See, part of me wants to start training as a psychologist.

Another part of me wants to write my first book (which I’m currently in the process of).

And yet another part wants to focus on growing The Weekend University.

One week I think I want one thing, and then the next week I think I want something else.

So there’s a lot of conflict there.

However, I had a bit of a reframe recently after hearing Steve Martin’s story in this podcast.

Early on in his career, he resolved to live his life in decades.

So he would pick one thing to focus on for a decade, go “all in” and master it, then the next decade pick something else.

In his 20s, it was standup comedy.

In his 30s, it was acting.

In his 40s, it was music (specifically the banjo).

And in his 50s, it was painting.

For whatever reason, when I heard this, it took the pressure off a bit.

When you view your life in decades, you realise that you do have time to do the main things you want to do in life — just not all at once.

For the moment, my priority is writing my first book, and everything else is second to that.

What about you?

What’s your priority this decade?

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