Nonduality & Consciousness: A Very Simple Introduction

Without being aware of it, we’ve all inherited an insidious belief about the nature of reality.  An assumption now so basic to our common sense that it’s taken for granted.  This is the worldview of materialism.  Simply put, this paradigm holds that what we are on the inside (i.e., mind)

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Polyvagal Theory: A Very Simple Introduction

Many approaches in psychology focus on thoughts.  However, our thinking can only ever be a product of what’s happening at a deeper, biological level – the level of the nervous system. In fact, the health of our nervous system is perhaps the most important determinant of our mental and physical

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Hacking Dopamine to Achieve Long Term Goals

Why is the grass always greener on the other side? How come we never really find that state of ‘happily ever after’ after attaining a goal we’ve been striving for? Why does that romantic, exciting type of love at the beginning of a relationship always seem to fade?  The answer

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Every Day is a Bonus

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was six.  This was sometimes tricky to manage when I was growing up, and at times I fell into a ‘victim mentality’ about it.  On difficult days, I’d feel sorry for myself and think about how unfair it was that I

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4,000 Weeks: An Antidote to Toxic Time Management

I’ve noticed a growing rigidity in myself the past few years.  A tendency to want to control and manage my time as efficiently as possible.  I think it started when I launched The Weekend University. To get things off the ground, I had to work long hours and ensure almost

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