The Power of Living Your Life in Decades

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure about my working life recently. See, part of me wants to start training as a psychologist. Another part of me wants to write my first book (which I’m currently in the process of). And yet another part wants to focus on growing The

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4 Tools I Use to Find Clarity on a Regular Basis

I used to think clarity was something that only came to us in flashes of “epiphany-like” moments. But recently, I’ve realised that it’s an active process. One that we can directly influence through our actions. What follows are 4 of the most effective tools that help me find clarity on

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Internal Family Systems: An Accessible Introduction

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that was developed by Dr Richard Schwartz, PhD.  It’s built on the premise that each of us are made up of a system of sub-personalities, or “parts” which coexist within us like an “internal family” that influences our decision making

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