Internal Family Systems: An Accessible Introduction

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy that was developed by Dr Richard Schwartz, PhD.  It’s built on the premise that each of us are made up of a system of sub-personalities, or “parts” which coexist within us like an “internal family” that influences our decision making

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Nonduality & Consciousness: A Very Simple Introduction

Without being aware of it, we’ve all inherited an insidious belief about the nature of reality.  An assumption now so basic to our common sense that it’s taken for granted.  This is the worldview of materialism.  Simply put, this paradigm holds that what we are on the inside (i.e., mind)

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Polyvagal Theory: A Very Simple Introduction

Many approaches in psychology focus on thoughts.  However, our thinking can only ever be a product of what’s happening at a deeper, biological level – the level of the nervous system. In fact, the health of our nervous system is perhaps the most important determinant of our mental and physical

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