How to Start Each Week with Clarity and Focus on What Matters Most (10 Steps)

Overview: The following article contains a step-by-step process you can use to complete a weekly review and each week. This enables you to start each week with a clear focus and ensure your daily activities are aligned with your long term priorities. There are 10 exercises in total. On the weeks when you don’t have […]

Unlocking the Power of a Mission in Your Life and Work

The British rowing team set the goal of winning Gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  So, in the years leading up to the event, they had a simple filter for every decision that came their way:  “Will this make the boat go faster?”  If the choice was between pizza or pasta, they would ask: […]

The Psychology of Winging it Like the Best in the World

Imposter syndrome often prevents us from starting a new project. We think we need a crystal clear, step-by-step plan before moving forward, assuming that “successful” people do have this—and that’s why they’re successful. However, what if we’re “putting the cart before the horse” here? What if the most successful people are actually those who are […]

How to Get Over the Unconscious Fear of Rejection

On a night out in my early 20s, I spotted a girl I couldn’t take my eyes off. But I was too chicken to say hello. I was being a lot less subtle than I thought, because a friend came over and said something that completely took the fear away: “Try and get rejected.” When […]

The Power of Living Your Life in Decades

I’ve been feeling a lot of pressure about my working life recently. See, part of me wants to start training as a psychologist. Another part of me wants to write my first book (which I’m currently in the process of). And yet another part wants to focus on growing The Weekend University. One week I […]

4 Tools I Use to Find Clarity on a Regular Basis

I used to think clarity was something that only came to us in flashes of “epiphany-like” moments. But recently, I’ve realised that it’s an active process. One that we can directly influence through our actions. What follows are 4 of the most effective tools that help me find clarity on a regular basis: Morning Pages […]

The Uncomfortable Truth About Where Our Goals Are Really Coming From

When I was younger, I assumed my goals were self generated. That they were coming from the inside.If I were to illustrate it, the relationship would look something like this:Me —-> GoalThen, I read “Wanting” by Luke Burgis and it completely changed how I saw why we pursue what we do.The key takeaway from the book […]

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