4,000 Weeks: An Antidote to Toxic Time Management

I’ve noticed a growing rigidity in myself the past few years.  A tendency to want to control and manage my time as efficiently as possible.  I think it started when I launched The Weekend University. To get things off the ground, I had to work long hours and ensure almost every minute of the day […]

Progress Hacking: How to Create that ‘Winning Feeling’ Every Single Day

I’m a professional procrastinator when it comes to writing.  It’s the thing I most want to do, yet I seem to never run out of ideas or inventions to distract myself from it.  Whether it’s making myself excessively busy with work, enrolling in a degree, or coming up with ideas for new ventures I could […]

3 Ways to Guarantee Long Term Happiness (According to Evolutionary Psychology)

When I was twenty-one, I spent six weeks backpacking in South America. The first part of the trip involved volunteering in a village in the Amazon rainforest to help improve the local water supply. Our group’s task was to build toilets (from scratch) which involved a lot of basic, and hard manual labour – mixing […]

The Joy of Solving Problems

When COVID-19 struck, it became a very real possibility that the business I’ve spent the past three years building might not survive. The Weekend University is an events company that revolves around bringing large groups of people together for a monthly psychology lecture series. Businesses that depend upon bringing large groups of people together aren’t […]

How First Principles Thinking Can Rapidly Improve Your Life

When I was nineteen, I stumbled across a blog post that changed my life. This was my thirteenth year with type one diabetes, and up until this point, managing it had been a struggle. I exercised regularly, ate all the ‘right’ foods, and carefully followed the guidelines I had been given when first diagnosed. Yet, […]

How to Take Risks Like Richard Branson

I’ll never forget the day I dropped out of university to start my first business. Not because I’m proud of it… But because it was probably one of the most reckless (and stupid) risks I’ve ever taken. When I reflect on why I did this, I think it was because I thought that the more […]

The Hidden Opportunities in COVID-19

I’ve recently gone into self isolation. I did this after finding out that diabetics have a 9.2% chance of death if they catch COVID-19. I’m about a week in, and so far, it’s been surprisingly good.. It’s given me some time to reflect on the big picture in life, the direction I’m going, and also […]

Making Difficult Decisions

There comes a point in most of our lives where we find ourselves at a crossroads. Where we have to choose one path over another.  The decision we make will influence the shape of the rest of our lives.  I’ve recently been faced with one of these choices.  In September, I started a Masters conversion […]

A Kinder, Smarter Approach to Resolutions in 2020

I used to think that motivation was the key to change.  Year after year, I would get really motivated in January and then set these ridiculously ambitious resolutions for myself. I’d always start strong, but as the weeks went on, the motivation would wear off, I’d fail at my attempts, and before long, I’d be […]