The Day I (Almost) Ruined My Life — And How it Led to 100,000 Subscribers

I had my first (and only) psychedelic experience in the Dutch countryside in the spring of 2017. I was going through a transition, having just quit my job with no clear plan about what to do next, and looking for direction. At this point, I’d heard numerous accounts of people trying psychedelics and having a […]

How to Start Each Week with Clarity and Focus on What Matters Most (10 Steps)

Overview: The following article contains a step-by-step process you can use to complete a weekly review and each week. This enables you to start each week with a clear focus and ensure your daily activities are aligned with your long term priorities. There are 10 exercises in total. On the weeks when you don’t have […]

How I (Finally) Developed a Daily Writing Habit

In my early twenties, I dreamed of becoming a writer.  The only problem was…I wasn’t writing — at least not consistently.  There was a chasm between the person I wanted to become and who I was currently, and I wasn’t taking the necessary steps to bridge it. This led to a great deal of inner […]

The Inside-Out Approach to Finding Your Purpose

When you’re not sure what your purpose is, it’s tempting to look outward at the problems in the world, and see what you can do to solve them.  I’m not saying this doesn’t work…  But it’s only one half of the equation.  Theologian Frederick Buechner suggests vocation is found where “your deep gladness and the world’s deep […]

Unlocking the Power of a Mission in Your Life and Work

The British rowing team set the goal of winning Gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000.  So, in the years leading up to the event, they had a simple filter for every decision that came their way:  “Will this make the boat go faster?”  If the choice was between pizza or pasta, they would ask: […]

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